We're FIXING to get B-U-S-Y!

So much, so ~so much! Lemme tell ya, I'm gonna be so tired by Christmas Day.

Let me catch you up to speed.

I just got done with some pretty great events! I had our Wicked Witchy Woman Weekend, Fall Frolic, and the Santa Christmas Expo all within a few days of each other.

I have been so busy resetting the store getting ready for Christmas. I've been busy creating items for the store and for my "field trips". I have put away my paintbrushes until the new year. We have sold so many items I had to regroup and create more items to have available for the next month.

We will remain closed to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family and then we will be reopening on Black Friday. We have a sweet little sale going on. 20% OFF antiques and vintage finds!

Small Business Saturday we will be having a door prize you can enter for and if you spend $30 or more your name will be added to a drawing for one of FIVE $20 Gift Certificates.

Beginning December 1st until December 17th we will be having our "My Favorite Things". Every day we are open (Minus December 4th) I will come to you every day at 10:45 to show you my favorite thing of the day. I'm excited to say that we will be running a promotion each and every day for the item of the day. This promotion is truly one of my most favorite.

On December 4th from 3 pm to 7 pm, we will be having our very first Flannel and Frost event. We will be offering a giveaway for the event

On December 5th from 10 and to 4 pm I will be going on a field trip to Ellison Place for The Christmas Shop event. I've got some new items that will be available you haven't seen before and yet another giveaway!

I'm telling you I'm pretty serious about sharing some of our amazing store with everyone.

I will be announcing when we will be having our workshop classes in January very soon and there will be a discount if you purchase in December.. Those of you that signed up through the "WAITING LIST" on our home page, you will get an email and be given the opportunity to sign up first! It then will open up to everyone else.

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