JANUARY is DIY month at Lilac and Lemon

How's everyone doing with their shopping lists? Getting things checked off? Can you believe we are ONLY 15 days until Christmas! Seems crazy to me. I have spent the last 6 months preparing for my very first Christmas season in the store and I'm a little sad it is going to end.

I'm not one to dwell, but to move forward! I tell ya what, I've got a real wizz bang January all cooked up for YOU! and it can help with your December Christmas list. Can't find the perfect gift? How about the perfect experience?

I am offering THREE different types of classes (well technically NINE) I'm sure one is absolutely perfect for that someone special! (or yourself)

  • Prep/Paint/Seal Classes: Three in-depth classes offering you the in's and out's of painting. Each class is $85 each but you can bundle them (and save a few dineros) for $230

  • Bells and Whistles Classes: We are offering Decoupage, Transfer, and Moulds These classes are $65 each.

  • AND our newest class: Speedy Furniture Painting. A one and done! This class is $60 plus paint (You pick the color and size)

Check out our Workshops section of the website to learn more or to sign up!

If I don't get to writing another blog before Christmas, I wish you the happiest of holidays and I hope it is filled with all of the things you hold dear! Merry Christmas! ~ Jeanne

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