Nutrition Information

*Please note: All creations sold by Lilac and Lemon have been prepared in a non-inspected kitchen: 400 West Main St. Gaylord Mi 49735
 To the best of our knowledge all items have no nuts. However disclose that food items purchased from outsourced vendors may have had nuts in the factory of origin.

Chocolate Stir Sticks
chocolate spoons.JPG
Hot Chocolate Bomb
Hot cocoa Bombs.JPG
Candy Cane Heart Stir Sticks
candy cane chocolate stirers.JPG
Dark Chocolate Marshmallows
Milk Chocolate Marshmallows

Care Instructions

Avoid washing if possible.
If necessary spot clean or HAND wash ONLY in cold water.
Use mild soap, Do not abrasively scrub.
Air dry. DO NOT use a dryer, iron, or fabric softner.
DO NOT dry clean.

Washing Machine Interior